December 21, 2009

Wait....I think I have found my computer......

Oh my word, have I got lots to tell you about....but, it is just going to have to wait until next year. We have been busy, busy, busy around here.

This is what my living room, family room and dining room has looked like since the Monday after Thanksgiving.

For almost two weeks, my underwear drawer was in the living room. Now, I am sure the neighbors have often thought of me as conservative and modest, but let me tell you, if they happened a glance in the direction of the large picture window in my living room at just the wrong moment.....whoa baby....they have seen a whole new side to me!!!!

So a just a quick recap/explanation as to the silence of the blogs:

Two weeks before Thanksgiving a bedroom was born in our basement. We decided we needed another sleeping space for when all the fam was in town. Soooooo.....we added the bedroom, had the existing drywall resurfaced (can you spell DUST?). Repainted the entire basement and installed new carpeting.

Well, since the old bedroom furniture is now in the basement boudoir we need a new one upstairs, but we can't put new furniture on that nasty 1980's green carpet....and if we get new carpet in there, we need carpet in the other spare room. And if those two bedrooms get new carpet, then MY bedroom needs it too. Soooooo......we took all the furniture from the three bedrooms and stacked it nicely in the above mentioned living spaces. Painted, re carpeted and replaced all the furniture.

It looks so nice....I can't show you pictures of the results just yet, but I will when I have got everything just like I want it.

Oh yeah, in between all this redeco work, I fixed Thanksgiving dinner for around 30 people, Christmas shopped, baked and holiday partied it all out.

I am pooped.....15 pounds lighter....and pooped!!!

Well, I hope you all are sticking with me, because I will be back to my routine in January and we will have lots of stories to share then!!!

Until then Merry Christmas Santa!!!