July 25, 2009

To Market To Market To Buy A Fat Zucchini!

Yeah for Farmer's Markets!!

I love going to farmer's markets and county fairs. I think it makes me feel like I have some kind of soul connections with people who grow their own food! If someone offered me the chance to move out into the country and live on a farm and grow cows and pigs and my own vegetables, I would do it in a heart-beat. I would even turn Amish if I had to.

But that is not likely to happen, so I will just be satisfied with my trips to the local farmer's markets.

Today we went to the Beloit Farmers Market. It is really very nice and has a lot of vendors. There are vegetables galore along with crafts, flowers and homemade goodies. Love the Dutch Apple Pie from Kauffmans Country Store!!

Nashville, TN has an awesome market. It is three buildings full of everything you could dream of. Franklin, TN also has a nice one. They even offer a $3 glass of homemade lemonade!! Ithaca, NY has a quaint market as well. I have no favorite I just enjoy them all.

So here is a snapshot of today's bounty. Notice that the Dutch Apple Pie is not pictured, that is because I thought it would be rude to show a picture of a half eaten pie. But trust me, it was a work of art!

Tonight, we enjoyed the fresh, vine ripened tomatoes along with the juicy corn on the cob and zucchini fixed on the grill. Yum! I fix the corn by husking it then wrapping it in foil with a few pats of butter, throw it on the grill and in about 10 minutes it is ready to eat. With the zucchini, I just slice it into quarter inch thick circles, throw it in a plastic bag and drizzle it with some olive oil. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper and some grill seasoning, shake it up so the seasoning is well distributed then put it on the grill for about 2-3 minutes on each side.

We will look forward to the green beans later this week and the home made granola will be in my yogurt tomorrow!!

Next Saturday I might get a little adventurous and buy a kohlrabi....if I can figure out what it is and how to cook it! Until then...Bon Appetit!

July 18, 2009

Nairy a Hairy Leg

So since it is the middle of summer we have been wearing shorts or capris for a few months now. Are we all tired of shaving our legs yet?

I am. Shaving my legs brings back so many repressed memories.

Who out there has never had a near death shaving experience?

The hair on my legs was so long and thick that my mom often would assume that it would keep my lower extremities warm enough that she wouldn't bother to buy me tights to wear under my dresses. Of course, as I grew older and wiser I figured out that not every girl in the fifth grade had dark brown, fur covered legs and it was because they shaved them.

So the beginning of an era soon ensued. I began shaving/nicking/severely slicing my legs with my dad's straight edge razor. Oh how I rejoiced when Schick introduced the safety razor!!! My legs now were smooth and scab free and tetanus was no longer a threat. Before long I even started buying my own razor!! Yes, I loved the Lady Schick.

Let me ask you....has any of you ever received an Epilady as a Christmas gift? I did. It was one of those memorable gifts that my husband thought I would really like.

For those who have never experienced the Epilady, it is a coil that vibrates and pulls the hair from your leg at the root. As I understand they have been pulled from the market until the investigation of them being used as torture devices at Guantanamo Bay can be completed.

You can't tell me that if this was coming at your sensitive legs and underarms you wouldn't start singing like a bird!

That gift was quickly returned and never spoke of again.

Yes, shaving your legs can be dangerous to your health. You especially have to be very careful while playing with a razor in the bathtub. As I understand it, if you drop the razor while stirring the water in your play tea cup it, will bounce up and cut your shin about an inch long. Just ask one of my daughters. It happened to her.

So as I close, let me just say to all my leg shaving sisters....Keep it smooth, keep it soft and keep it safe.

July 13, 2009

I TOLD You He Could Read!!!

Emerson, Daddy's new research assistant.

He had some reading he had to catch up on while we were there on Saturday.

And of course, you know how it is, every time you start reading you get sleepy....So, he had to take a little nap with Grandpa.

Then after a little snooze, he visited with his buddy in the mirror of his play mat.

And then spent the rest of the time just being cute!

July 12, 2009

July 08, 2009

Summer Vacation Part One

I am tired.

Since May 15th my life has been a whirlwind of events that just melt a women's heart.

  • I marched through the graduation of my youngest daughter with pride and a smile.
  • I endured 30 hours with only a few stolen moments of sleep to welcome my grandson into my life with pride and thankfulness
  • I observed the 5th anniversary of my Daddy's passing with sadness and tears.
  • I watched with happiness and gratefulness as my Mother married her friend and began a new chapter of her life at 70 years old.

I am overwhelmed.

How do you wrap your heart and mind around any of these? How do you internalize the significance of each blessing as they happen within weeks of each other? How do you accept the changes that each one brings to life as I have known it?

I am blessed.

I know that God's timing is perfect. He knew exactly when each event needed to happen and orchestrated lives and situations to meet his perfect will. He knows how much my little heart can bear and how I will relish each precious moment in my mind for the rest of my life.

I am thankful.

  • I count it great joy to be able to share in my little girls future.
  • I understand what a miracle it is to have a happy, healthy baby join my life and our family.
  • I trust that those gone before us are rejoicing with the angels.
  • I am thankful that God cares for us when we are lonely.

I am at peace.

Life is good.