June 25, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

I had planned on writing this post on Monday, but just didn't feel it appropriate. How can we celebrate and rejoice in another's happiness while the world mourns. I, myself, considered calling to work Tuesday just so I could work through my hurts and disappointment. I am of course talking about the devastating break up of.......

So do you think that Jon just couldn't take Kate's hairstyle any longer?

I had a friend in 7th grade once. She had a nasty cowlick right in the crown of her head. Of course, kids being kids, teased her mercilessly. So, she thought she could tame that nasty cowlick and took scissors to it. Cut it right off, even with her scalp. The end product was exactly what Kate Gosselin, or TLC, pays good money for. Of course, she (my friend, not Kate) only got teased even more. Poor Debbie Maybe, that was her name, she was just a few years before her time I guess.

But honestly. Did they really think that they could live their lives as television fodder and not suffer any consequence? I hate that the pursuit of fame, fortune and ego destroyed a marriage, but I am even more concerned about 8 little kids who know of no other life other than always being the center of media attention and living a "reality" life that is no where near reality. Let's just hope somebody takes a stand for them and soon.

Any way now that I have that off my chest.......

Saturday June 20, 2009, was a special day.

Lanita J Smith married Charles M Brown.

The ceremony.

The happy couple

Charlie and Lanita plus 14.
Sounds like a future reality show to me!

The best part of weddings.....CAKE!

And just for good measure, here is a picture of the cutest baby in the world!

June 21, 2009

Emerson's Meet and Greet

Another event filled weekend in my other wise boring life. I gotta start spreading all this activity out over a few months and not bunch it all up in one weekend!

During the past three days we have entertained the entire Cantwell Clan, attended my Mom's wedding and celebrated Father's Day.

In order to spare you one long painful post with pictures from each event, I will spread them out over a few days! Lucky you!

Let's begin with the Emerson Meet and Greet!

So, I thought it would be fun to have the family over for a cook out to meet Emerson. Good idea...bad turn of weather. It not just rained...but the sky opened up with buckets!

Amber is smart and brings her Hannah Montana umbrella.

Amber's Dad didn't plan ahead so well!

But no fear...we just moved the party into the garage and the house! There were hot dogs and Cantwells EVERYWHERE!!!

Cantwell party in the garage....

Cantwell party in the house....

Cantwell party on the couch!

Emerson and Great Grandma.

Emerson is shocked at the score Great Aunt Brenda says she got the last time she golfed.

Great Aunt Pammy tells Emerson why she should be his Favorite Aunt.

Oh Geeze, Holy Cow, Great Aunt Tricia has Emerson.

Great Aunt Sally tells Emerson to not talk to strangers, always eat his vegetables and DO NOT ever spit up on the quilt she made him.

Emerson is amazed at the white things in Cousin Cindy's mouth and wonders if he will ever have teeth.

Emerson tells Aunt Steph and Cousin Amber about all the strange ladies that have been talking to him.

Uncle Rob tells him not to get all worked up about it, they are all really pretty nice people once you get to know them.

Daddy's friend Matt tells him to be thankful that he should meet his family!

June 11, 2009

Hair Today....Gone Tomorrow

I have been studying about the economy lately. I have come to conclusion that it's downturn is directly linked to the lack of hair products we use today. Yes, that's right, I believe that back in the late '80's early 90's there was enough wealth and prosperity to go around and even extra to send over to the balding people of foreign countries. And how did we wear our hair then? Just like the Cantwell siblings did. Full of chemically processed curls and hairspray.

For real, today's hair styles are flat. No one ever uses a "curling" iron anymore. No, we all use "flat" irons. I believe that the Dow Jones index reacts to how much hair-spray and perm's we as a nation consume. GM and Chrysler will come out of this thing just fine, but who is going to help the Suave's and the White Rain's of this great country? It's up to us folks. It's entirely up to us. If we don't get behind the companies that kept our coif's fluffed, fried and fixated they too will start migrating overseas and then where will we be? Limp and lifeless, that's where. I have lived that way before friends and it is not a pretty sight.

Just take a look at these pictures from back in the day when we proudly raised our bangs for Uncle Sam.

Now do you believe me? I thought so. So people, for the love of God and America, go out TODAY and get yourself a perm, some heavy duty hair spray and mousse it up for the old red white and blue.

June 06, 2009

It has been a whole week since I last held Emerson. It seems like such a long time!

I imagine he is walking and talking now. I believe this first because he is just that smart and far advanced for his age!! Second, because it seems like it has been that long since I have seen him!

I guess I will just have to keep looking at the pictures from last week when I got to stay with him for a few days and just wait until he gets to visit Grandma and Grandpa's house for the first time!!

Isn't he just the cutest?
(Please take note of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield advertisement and purchase your health insurance coverage from them! Grandma Dee would be ever so grateful!)

He is Grandma's boy.

ECLC frightens Aunt ERCB!

But after a day or so Aunt Liz bonds with Emerson and they become great friends.

Yes, he is a thumbsucker!

Emerson is not enjoying is first bath at all!

But Dad gets him dry and warm.....

...and comforts him after such a traumatizing ordeal!