August 30, 2009

Me and My Sista Peeps Take A Road Trip!

Oh we had us some fun this weekend!!

We even got a FREE steak dinner!! It was "Friends and Family" night at the Longhorn Steakhouse and because we are friends with Jorge the busboy, we were invited. Everything on the menu was free PLUS we got two free desserts! I would like to give a shout out to some very special waitresses...."Hey Alisha! Great Job! Great Back-Up Mara!"

Anyway, a couple car loads of my favorite girlfriends piled in and headed up nort cross the border to Green Bay, WI to see Beth Moore at the Living Proof Live Event. And we were NOT disappointed.

My man T.C. (Travis Cottrell for those of you who are not close and personal friends with him ;0)) was on top of his game in leading us in worship. Wow! That just about explains it. He can take you to the throne of heaven in no time.

Do it Lord! Do it Lord!

Then my BFF, Beth, brought a word from Psalm 37. She got all up in our business about the desires of our hearts and delighting in the Lord. The next time I am tempted to get irritated that I am not getting the "desire of my heart" I will remember Caaaaaaaaaakkee. I will remember that God is after the heart of my desire. The thing that is my destiny. The thing that will bring Him the most glory and sometimes the desire of my heart is not the way to go.

Beth put on a Green Bay Packer Jersey, but we still received her message knowing that our God can and will forgive even the dirtiest sinners!!

I am so blessed to share this with Christian friends and family. I missed those who couldn't make this weekend and look forward to when we all can go again. (Lexington '10!)

Here a few snapshots of the posse.

From left to right: Andrea, Sally, Mom, Brenda, Me, Tricia, Cindy and Pat

Tricia and Mom during Praise and Worship.

Sally, Cindy, Andrea and Brenda during Praise and Worship
Brenda doesn't have her arms crossed cause she's mad...she was cold! For some strange reason the temperature dropped down into the 60's in August and Bab's did not come prepared.
It was a bit chilly!

This is a video of the wave that was going around the room while we waited for the 2nd session to start. Watch the lower left hand corner and you will see us as the camera follows the wave.


Here we are on our way home having a little ice cream snack at the World's Largest Culver's.
Yes, you heard me correctly. The World's Largest Culver's is just minutes from my house!

Yes, Baby Emerson, you can go with Grandma next time!

August 15, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need Your Grandma



For Real? She's going to be here tomorrow?

YEA!!!! I love my Grandma Dee!
That makes me happy.

August 13, 2009

For Kentucky Basketball Fans Only

I apologize to those who don't follow College Basketball. But those who do, especially those who are UK fans, will appreciate this.

I Never Should Have Left UK

I Never Should Have Coached the Celtics

I REALLY Shouldn't Have Spent So Much Time With Billy Gillispie

And I Really Really Should Not Have Had an "Indiscretion" With That Woman.

August 09, 2009

Don't Just Go Back To School....ROCK Back To School

It's back to school time and that means new school supplies!!! I love to buy me some school supplies. There is just something about a new box of crayons that holds so much hope for the future. There are no broken tips, all of the colors are still in the box and the possibilities are endless. There will be pictures to be colored. Maps to be drawn. There will be cards made for special people. And don't get me started on a new spiral notebook! Oh to think of the stories and journals that will be written out on the 8 x 10 1/2 wide margin ruled papers just thrills me

There is one item though I have never really understood the need for; the protractor. For years and years I bought each my kids one of the plastic half-circles with a ruler on the bottom and numbers going around the curved top and they were never used. I have come to believe that the Teachers Union was in cahoots with the protractor makers and received some under the table cashola for putting it on the school supply list year after year.

I haven't had the opportunity to purchase school supplies for quite some time. After Stephanie's freshman year in college she finally cut me off. Told me that SHE would buy her own notebooks, pens, markers, pencils and planners that she hadn't even used crayons since the 4th grade. I was so sad. Took me weeks to pull my self together. I would often find myself wondering the aisles of Wal-Mart just breathing in the sweet smell of colored wax lost in the memories of years gone by.

But wait!!!! There is a new student in town!!! That's right, Miss Amber is a newly inducted kindergartner! I am back on the school supply trail once again!!! I was so excited to take Amber out for the necessities of kindergarten! Oh the choices --- There are boxes of crayons that come in 8, 24, 48, or 64 crayons. Oooooo I just got chill bumps thinking about them!

So off we go. Our first stop is Target. We got the crayons, pencils, glue, glue sticks and a perfectly rockin' Hannah Montanna lunch box.

This is just ONE aisle of Crayola products.

Then we darted over to Kohl's where we searched and searched for the perfect first day out fit. It is of the utmost importance that you look your absolute best on the first day of school. How you look on the first day will set the course for how the entire year is played out. Go to school on the first day in just any old out fit and you will be eating your PB&J by yourself in the art teachers storage closet for the rest of the year. Start the year out with a bold fashion statement and you are a shoe in for homecoming queen. Or at least won't have to be best friends with the lunch lady. Take a look at Amber's first day outfit.

Stunning don't you think.

Didn't need any new panties. Definitely didn't need a new bra because in the words of Amber "I'm not a woman yet."

But did find a Hannah Montanna back pack to match the lunch box of course.

Here is the whole ensemble. I think Amber will do just fine in kindergarten!

But this little guy has a few more years before Grandma Dee takes him to get his school supplies.