February 22, 2010

Ode To A Girl Scout

Oh you little sprite, all dressed in green.
You and your badges all sown on with honor and pride.
You are such a Carmel Delight to so many people.

You just Tag-A-Long without any complaint,
Just the Peanut Patter sound of your little feet brings a smile to many a face.
It makes us just want to Do-Si-Do with joy when we see you coming up our walk.

Oh you precious little Brownie Scout.
You are a gift to us all in your beanie.
Your Thin Mint-ens are always on your tiny hands.

You enrich our lives so.
You and Samoa of your friends are always a welcome sight at out lonely door posts.

Oh you little Daisy Scout.
You little Shortbread you!
What a Trefoil treat you bring us.

You are such special young entrepreneurs.
Many have tried to imitate, but none have succeeded.
We love you Girl Scouts.
We love you with all our cookie craving hearts.

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